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Atlassian launches new product – Jira, aimed at aligning business and engineering teams 

Atlassian Corporation Plc, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software and the maker of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, unveiled three advancements to its Jira suite: Jira Product Discovery GA, Jira Work Management free with every Jira Software license, and new Jira Templates at ‘Unleash’, its first ever Agile and DevOps focused event in Berlin.

Over 100,000 Atlassian customers rely on Jira to help them manage their work. With this launch, Atlassian now has products for every stage of the software development lifecycle. From ideation in Jira Product Discovery, to delivery in Jira Software and collaboration with business teams in Jira Work Management, to support and operations in Jira Service Management, the Jira suite offers a powerful set of connected, yet open, tools to help teams do their best work.

The key products advancements of the Jira suite and their features:

  • Jira Product Discovery is a new product ideation and prioritization tool that connects teams across engineering, sales, marketing and leadership so that they can build the right products, for the right customers at the right time. It makes it easy for great ideas to rise to the surface because the entire team – from sales, to design, to the CEO – can collaborate, add insights, vote for ideas, and contribute to the future success of the product.
  • Jira Work Management is included with every new and existing Jira Software license for up to 35,000 users until March 2024 for free. Companies don’t need to spend on additional project management software because everything they need is already connected to the same industry-leading security that powers Jira Software.
  • The new Jira workflow and toolchain templates designed by industry experts and Atlassian customers have all the workflows, permission schemes, and even automations and integrations already built-in. Jira templates are free for the entire Jira suite, including Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, and Jira Service Management.

Together, these announcements around Jira suite of products benefits teams across the entire company to accomplish great work and assists businesses to find, build, and deliver a winning experience for their customers.

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