Bengaluru-based startup weTrade announces launch of crypto investment platform

weTrade, a Bengaluru-based startup, has announced the launch of their crypto investment platform which offers instant rewards and covers for TDS charges. The app fulfills its promise of being a reward-driven platform by offering a 2% cashback on every investment and offers additional 1% cashback on every sell, in order to cover for recently introduced TDS charges. Furthermore, the company provides the most user-friendly onboarding experience while maintaining the highest levels of scrutiny to ensure that customer assets are safe and secure. Customers can perform single-click wallet recharges and withdrawals with ZERO transaction fee. The platform also has a matured audit and tracing mechanism to ensure customers trade worry free, and get assistance through tax regulations.

The platform intends to gain a competitive advantage through their in-house IP. Their algorithm combines the emerging crypto domain with traditional financial acumen and fuels it with deep technology expertise. The platform helps their customers by letting them enjoy the dual benefits of price appreciation and multiplying rewards. Their user interface provides efficient and intuitive solutions across multiple features such as a secure and quick KYC, adding money, and a one click buy/sell; taking less than a minute to start investing in crypto.

weTrade’s launch will open gates for middle India to start investing in crypto assets. The platform’s key rewards include a 2% cashback on every transaction, upto Rs 1000/month for all. In addition, the platform offers a “Zero” fee wallet top-up, low transaction fees, and gifts NFT to every user.

Commenting on the launch, Founder & CEO weTrade, Prashant Kumar shares, “weTrade intends to provide Indian users with the economic benefits of blockchain technologies with a seamless interface. We reward 2% cashback on every purchase, and we have announced an additional 1% cashback to provide cover for TDS charges. We are blessed with a supremely talented team which is a blend of industry veterans and crypto enthusiasts from India’s top technology companies, and top ranked colleges. We are confident that we will deliver the best of Web 3.0 through the most user-friendly consumer application in the crypto space”.

The platform aspires to be India’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency app, allowing users to trade and invest with ease while earning sumptuous rewards. The company has grown at an exponential rate since its inception, achieving several milestones in a short period of time, including 10,000+ installs in the first month, 70+ App Reviews, and 4.9/5 ratings on Android and iOS. The brand is also rewarding NFTs to all its users upon sign up which they can own, trade and earn additional rewards by sharing on social media.

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