AILatest NewsTechnology Unveils Game-Changing Code Generation System for Instant Software Development

AI, Robot, the AI-powered composable software platform enabling every business and entrepreneur to become digitally empowered, today announced its Code Generation System, which automates the transition from a user conversation directly to working code. In the latest release, Natasha (the world’s first AI product manager, now evolved into a Product Manager & Developer Assistant) continues to transform the approach to software development using AI: understanding customer requirements, planning tasks, generating code, and driving development from concept to completion.

Natasha processes the user discussion about their business idea and features, mapping it onto’s proprietary Knowledge Graph. She then formulates user stories from the notes on the idea and features, including the required test cases. With her new CodeGen capability, Natasha is able to devise an implementation plan and convert it into functional customisation code. This code is incorporated within’s Lego-like building blocks, autonomously tested within’s Assembly system, with errors corrected by her automatically. This assembly line is set to expand to include the computer vision QA system, which will detect UI defects across numerous virtual devices for automatic correction.

Through the capabilities of Generative AI, Natasha addresses numerous challenges faced by developers in converting customer requirements into tangible software solutions. She now streamlines what was previously a lengthy and intricate process, eliminating unnecessary delays and miscommunication, and ensuring the final product precisely matches the customer’s vision. Natasha will continue to support the customer beyond the initial product launch, allowing for iterations as required.

“In an era were becoming digitally native or undergoing complete digital transformation is not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses, we are dedicated to revolutionising the software development process,” states Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder and Chief Wizard of “By automating the path from conversation to code (and the final product), Natasha not only represents our vision for a more efficient, seamless development experience but also guarantees that every idea, no matter the size, is brought to life with unparalleled precision and speed. The completion of Natasha for CodeGen, a significant milestone that we have been anticipating since our initial pitches, excites me the most.”

From specifying requirements to generating code, Natasha simplifies and mitigates the risks involved in creating software applications, which entails much more than just coding. Utilising a multi-modal, multi-model system powered by data from within’s ecosystem, encompassing an estimated 2 billion data points/parameters, Natasha analyses customer conversations to identify user journeys and recommend features that meet their needs, create prototypes, and develop customisation code. With this new release, customers will receive applications faster, customisation becomes more cost-effective, and the Expert Network can concentrate on higher-level tasks. Moreover, this final pillar significantly accelerates the production process, reduces time-to-market, and enhances cost efficiencies for customers. This strategy aims for over 90% of the code to be completed by machines (utilising both reusable features, our generative design system, and Natasha for CodeGen) by the full rollout, a considerable transformation from our beta phase.

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