CRMNEXT Expands to Indonesia in Alliance with Dimension Data

CRMNEXT Expands to Indonesia in Alliance with Dimension Data

CRMNEXT, Global Leader in commutable cloud, Digital-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, today announced, launch of its full-fledged Indonesian operations in alliance with Dimension Data, a leader in cloud architecture solutions.

Insurance Companies, Banks & Financial Services Enterprises of Indonesia would especially be impacted by this new partnership that offers smarter tools to manage and nurture their expanding customer-base.

Sushil Tyagi, Director – Global Sales for CRMNEXT, said “We are truly excited with the launch, as Indonesia not only has an impressive economic growth, but is also coupled with well-functioning financial systems. It’s imperative that technology solutions would advance organization’s efficiency and overall progress. CRMNEXT is the world’s only true auto-upgrade, scalable and agile CRM Solution for the digital age. Dimension Data brings the right synergies to deliver cloud CRM solution on private or public cloud. Together, we would be able to offer the right solutions to the Indonesian customer to implement a true cloud solution for today’s digital Age.”

Delivering a seamless delightful customer experience that propels companies to accelerate growth is the need of the hour. Acknowledging this need, CRMNEXT’s partnership with Dimension Data will provide Digital-CRM solutions that are custom made and designed for Indonesian business.

Manish Pratap, General Manager, IT as a Service, Dimension Data Asia Pacific said, “In the digital economy, organizations need to innovate faster than ever before. They must think big, start small and scale fast. We at Dimension Data are committed to making industry leading solutions available to enterprises on our Managed Cloud Platform™. It is our pleasure to partner with CRMNext, a leader in the Digital CRM market, to jointly deliver their solution on cloud.”

Speaking on the occasion, said Hitesh K. Arora, Director of Strategy and Customer Advocacy for CRMNEXT, “Businesses can start small, do a thorough pilot and then scale up as per need on a reliable true-cloud infrastructure. We’ve proven this for Asia’s largest enterprises including the largest Digital-Native Bank. This kind of convenience driven by agile, cost-effective technology has repeatedly given significant savings on running costs and is primarily offered only by CRMNext. Hence, we believe we’re here to stay and serve the Indonesian business community.”

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