Yum! Restaurants CTO Hitesh K. Arora moves to CRMNext as Director Strategy

Yum! Restaurants CTO Hitesh K. Arora moves to CRMNext as Director Strategy

Industry Leader Hitesh K Arora has quit as CTO of Yum! Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd., to join the customer-centric disruptor, CRMNEXT, as Director – Strategy & Customer Advocacy

Hitesh is widely recognised as a Global Technology, Operations and Sales Leader in Financial, Manufacturing, Retail and Technology Services domain.

Speaking on the occasion, Hitesh K Arora said, “I am extremely excited to be a part of the dynamic young team at CRMNEXT. The next-generation of Digital-CRM Software Solutions will see transformational changes while managing customer expectations throughout the product lifecycle. CRMNEXT has the edge to cater to this successfully. I am looking forward to my role as Director – Strategy & Customer Advocacy, thereby facilitating CRMNEXT’s growth to the next level globally.”

“We are extremely happy that Hitesh has decided to come on board. Hitesh will be looking at enabling customers to achieve more with their investments in CRMNEXT, while evangelizing the company’s core values and abilities. Hitesh will also create investment strategies for product development, enabling its “future-readiness”. This is crucial since CRMNEXT enters its next phase of expansion and growth” said Nishant Singh, CEO of CRMNEXT.

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