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Data Consumption In India Grows 130 Percent In Two Years: Dell EMC

Data Consumption In India Grows 130 Percent In Two Years: Dell EMC

Organisations in India witnessed a 130 percent jump in data consumption between 2016-2018 period as against a global average of 569 percent as per third edition of Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index.

The gross amount of data managed by firms in India soared from 2.79 Petabyte to 6.43 Petabyte in 2018. The index also highlights that while 93 percent businesses realise the potential value of data, 47 percent are already capitalising it as against 36 percent on a global scale.

The study was carried out in collaboration with Vanson Bourne and involved 2,200 IT decision makers from 11 industry verticals and 18 countries on their data protection strategies.

“With the changing dynamics of the industry and the introduction of new technologies, it has become imperative for organizations to focus on the practical application of emerging technologies like AI and IoT to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Here, the key in their transformation journey is the generation and analysis of data. Indian businesses are seeing more potential in the value of data & monetizing it, even more than its global counterparts,’’ said Ripu Bajwa, Director and GM, Data Protection Solutions, Dell EMC.

‘’This is a testament of our progress as a country and showcases the importance of being prepared for the security threats in the future,” added Bajwa.

Other principal findings of the index include:

* Leaders’ in Data Protection increased from 1% in 2016 to 30% in 2018. Whereas, ‘Adopters’ of data protection sprang forward from 12% in 2016 to 60% in 2018.

* 76% of the organizations experienced a disruption in the last 12 months and 30% of respondents experienced irreparable data loss.

* 32% of Indian organizations believe that their data protection solutions will meet all future challenges (as compared to 16% globally).


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