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Deloitte launches AI incubator to harness the power of India’s tech innovation and talent capabilities

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Deloitte announced the launch of its Global Generative AI Market Incubator that will promote innovation in generative AI and serve businesses in India and across the globe. With the generative AI boom leading to its soaring global demand, it is a significant step towards nurturing tech innovation and talent in India and enabling enterprises to achieve their business objectives.

The AI incubator will leverage the in-depth sector knowledge and AI/ML expertise of our professionals, including data scientists and engineers. These professionals work through a multi-disciplinary model built on design thinking to ensure speed, faster time to market, and immediate value generation in critical projects.

At present, Deloitte has active global engagements in the areas of drug discovery, customer experience, content generation, and personal avatars marking over 100 corporations in the past six months. These engagements demonstrate the increasing relevance of generative AI.

The launch of the Global Generative AI Market Incubator by Deloitte also aligns with the Indian government’s overall agenda of nurturing tech talent and AI-driven opportunities.

Commemorating the launch, Nitin Mittal, Deloitte Global Consulting Emerging Markets Leader, said, “Our focus is to harness generative AI’s disruptive potential in partnership with our key alliances by leveraging our targeted industry solutions that help clients realise sustainable business outcomes and achieve real transformations.”

He added, “To catalyse the market, we are collaborating with premier academic institutions and industry bodies and rapidly scaling trained generative AI talent pool across skills. This will nurture local tech talent and provide them more opportunities to serve global clients from India on these fast-evolving technologies.”

Sathish Gopalaiah, President, Consulting at Deloitte India, said, “As pioneers, we are creating industry-leading capabilities while helping customers navigate emerging challenges and disruptions.

Through this initiative, we aim to resolve unique industry cases by providing the right strategy and drawing on the strengths of our collaboration with alliance partners.

We officially launched the Gen AI practice in June this year. This launch shall further accelerate Gen AI deployments and bring global best practices.”

The Global Generative AI Market Incubator initiative propels Deloitte India onto the global stage, ushering in new growth opportunities and cross-functional learning for professionals. It reinforces the organisation’s focus and commitment towards investment in India to shape the future of technology.

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