IT Firms Shelled Out INR 5100 Crore On CSR Between 2014-2017

IT Firms Shelled Out INR 5100 Crore On CSR Between 2014-2017

Indian IT firms spent over INR 5091 crore as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Activities during the period between-2014-2017 as per Sattva, a startup which analyses data to measure social impact by enterprises.

Tata Consultancy Services spearheaded the spending with over 1,091 crores.

As per the government norms, firms should spend at least 2 per cent of the net profits on CSR activities. While the PAN India projects accounted for the highest CSR spending, the Western region of the country came second in witnessing maximum CSR initiatives.

Education was the most preferred segment for Indian IT firms followed by government schemes which garnered 14 per cent of the CSR funding.

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