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G20 New Delhi Summit Declaration Is A Big-Tech. Moment For India: Analyst

During recently held G20 Summit 2023 at New Delhi under presidency of India, a consensus was reached among member countries leading to an extensive G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration.

This G20 Declaration document gives key focus on Technology particularly Digital-IT Tech., and one section and over 25 Paragraphs exclusively devoted for defining Tech. vision and initiatives of G20 countries, which highlights commitments of G20 nations for extensive adoption of Digital Tech. in agricultures, to healthcare, education, public governance, financial services, security, climate change.

While analyzing G20 New Delhi Leaders’s Declaration document, analyst firm 5JR (5 Jewels Research) is of view that G20 New Delhi summit declaration establishes India’s Tech. leadership in shaping the future Tech. vision of G20 countries and delivering a package of digital goodies from India for the World in line with the India’s G20 presidency theme Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam—One Earth, One Family, One Future.

As per 5JR Analyst, the biggest Digital goodies given by India in G20 New Delhi summit declaration is to build and maintain a Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository (GDPIR), a virtual repository of DPI, which has been based on popularly termed ‘India Stack’ and it is a Big-Tech. moment for India.

Giving his analyst perspective on G20 New Delhi Summit 2023 leader’s declaration, Chief Analyst of  ‘5 Jewels Research’ Mr Sumant Parimal said : “Technology was at the centerstage of G20 New Delhi Summit deliberations, and India has not only given an extraordinary political and economic leadership, but also given a first of its kind technological leadership for G20 countries and World. G20 Summit 2023 declaration describes various Digital Tech. initiatives comprising of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Data Management, Cybersecurity, Virtual Assets (Crypto & CBDCs) Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), Digital Transformation, and Information sharing which is like a Package of Digital Goodies from India for the World. For long, India was known for IT (Information Tech.) skill sets and resource provider for the World, but recently concluded  G20 Summit 2023 at New Delhi has also positioned India as Digital Public Infrastructure and e-Governance products and solutions provider to the World, which was a long-drawn ambition of India, as people used to always ask about India’s own Microsoft, Google kind of products. A robust, scalable, inclusive, and proven India Stack has led to G20 countries plan to build and maintain a Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository (GDPIR), a virtual repository of DPI under leadership of India,  which is as per me is a Big-Tech. moment for India, as its going to be one of the biggest Digital Tech. adoption and digital transformation initiative of the World, having potentials to cross the size and scale of present days Big-Techs. (Big techs. are Google, Microsoft, Facebook/Meta, Twitter/X, Amazon, etc.) products/solutions adoptions in global markets”.

“I welcome G20 declaration on responsible AI, safer and inclusive Digital economy. This G20 New Delhi declaration is for ensuring responsible AI development, deployment and use, the protection of human rights, establishing transparency and explainability, fairness, accountability, regulation, safety, appropriate human oversight, ethics, non-biases, privacy, and data protection. With appropriate regulations and controls initiative of G20, we believe that AI and Digital Tech. adoption to grow at the faster pace in the entire World” Sumant Parimal said further.

5JR hails much thought off plan of G20 countries to reduce digital gender gap by half by 2030, by promoting regulatory policy frameworks that enable all women and girls to actively participate in the formulation and implementation of national digital strategies, including enhancing digital literacy and skills. As per 5JR, G20 deliberations went deep into issues of digital and on-line abuses for girls and child and adopted a resolution of ‘Safety- by -Design’ while developing digital tools and technologies.

“G20 New Delhi Summit Declaration ensures financial inclusions for not only individuals, farmers, citizens, and professionals but also ensures better finance availability through digital technologies for G20 countries, startups and MSMEs, such that they could operate and expand businesses and trade. Further, G20 declarations pushes for higher digitization of cross border trade documentation, which used to be a key barrier in seamless global trade and supply chains. We welcome G20 resolutions for improving working conditions of gig and platform economy workers and professionals” 5JR Chief Analyst Sumant Parimal said in his concluding remarks.

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