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Games24x7 joins forces with Karnataka Government for GameTech Accelerate Programme

Games24x7, India’s leading online skill gaming company, has joined forces with the Government of Karnataka, to launch the gaming industry’s first-of-its-kind accelerator programme, ‘GameTech Accelerate – The Future of Gaming‘. This initiative, announced at the ongoing Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023, aims to foster innovation and catalyse growth within the dynamic realm of online gaming. Through the accelerator programme, Games24x7 will help identify and mentor ventures offering innovative and viable solutions, bridging them to investors who are keen to back the sector.
Speaking on the occasion, Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology & Biotechnology and Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Govt. of Karnataka said, “Karnataka boasts one of the most vibrant technology startup ecosystems in the nation, and we are dedicated to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship through initiatives like these. The online gaming sector in India is rapidly evolving, and it is crucial to support this industry, which not only generates employment opportunities but also fosters innovation, contributing significantly to our digital economy. We are delighted to collaborate with Games24x7, who shares our commitment to responsible innovation, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey toward success.”
“In collaboration with the Government of Karnataka, we aspire to foster entrepreneurship and innovation within the gaming industry, which has shown remarkable growth. Games24x7’s accelerator programme represents our firm commitment to unlock the gaming industry’s full potential. Our winners won’t just receive accolades and mentorship; they’ll pitch to potential investors, gaining crucial support to transform their visionary ideas into reality. We are also collaborating with AWS for this initiative, and are positive that their expertise will further bolster this programme.,” said Rajat Bansal, Chief Technology Officer, Games24x7.
“With this initiative and collaboration with the Government, we are not merely nurturing game development but actively shaping a connected and innovative future for the Indian gaming landscape” Bansal added.
In recognition of the multifaceted nature of the gaming industry, the accelerator programme will revolve around four key focus areas: New Games (Real Money, Casual, Hyper Casual, Educational, Simulation, Strategy, and MMO); Real-Time Analytics, Telemetry & Personalization; Security and Anti-Cheating Measures; and Community and Social Integration. These carefully selected themes encapsulate the core challenges and opportunities in the evolving gaming industry, with the intention of guiding and supporting participating startups to pioneer transformative solutions. The shortlist will be revealed at the forthcoming GAFX event in Bangalore scheduled for January 2024. Following the accelerator programme, the upcoming month will host mentoring sessions empowering select startups to receive valuable guidance from Games24x7 and AWS experts, along with AWS credits. The programme will culminate with an exclusive investor session in the first week of March.
This collaboration between Games24x7 and the Government of Karnataka signifies a shared commitment to shape the future of the gaming industry. This programme not only aligns with the state’s vision of becoming a hub for innovation and technology but also reflects Games24x7’s focus on bringing forth the most enriching gaming experiences backed by scientific principles and solutions. This strategic partnership between the government and the private sector underscores the pivotal role that established companies like Games24x7 can play in fostering entrepreneurship, driving innovation and harnessing cross sector growth for the country’s digital economy.
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