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Highbar Technocrat Awarded SAP DRS Partner of the Year for Outstanding Performance in Deal Registrations

Mumbai, Maharashtra, February 14, 2024 – Highbar Technocrat Limited, a leading SAP Gold Partner, is proud to announce that it has been honoured with SAP’s prestigious “DRS Partner of the Year Award”. The accolade was presented during a distinguished SAP ceremony recognising Highbar Technocrat for registering a very high number of SAP deals within a year.

Mangesh Wadaje, Chairman & CEO of Highbar Technocrat, expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude, stating, “We are thrilled and deeply honoured to receive the ‘DRS Partner of the Year Award’ from SAP. This recognition is a testament to our team’s hard work, dedication, and expertise. It highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients, which has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. We are immensely grateful to our clients for their trust and confidence in choosing us as their preferred partner and to SAP for their continuous support.”

The “DRS Partner of the Year Award” is a significant achievement that underscores Highbar Technocrat’s excellence and leadership in the SAP ecosystem. It reflects the company’s successful approach to driving digital transformation and delivering seamless SAP solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors.

Highbar Technocrat offers comprehensive SAP S/4HANA services, including implementation for businesses transitioning to or starting with SAP S/4HANA and cloud solutions for enhanced flexibility and scalability. The company customises SAP S/4HANA to address unique business needs, industry standards, and growth ambitions, ensuring a tailored solution for each client. Additionally, Highbar provides continuous support and maintenance to guarantee the smooth operation and maximal performance of SAP S/4HANA systems, facilitating sustained value delivery to businesses.

Highbar Technocrat’s commitment to excellence and client-centric approach have been pivotal in its success. The award motivates the company to continue setting higher standards in the SAP implementation and consulting domain. Specialising in industries such as infrastructure, EC&O, real estate, mining, oil & gas, power, smart cities, government, and manufacturing, Highbar’s domain expertise enhances client operations, making them intelligent enterprises attuned to customer needs. Highbar Technocrat is dedicated to leveraging its expertise to foster innovation and help businesses thrive in the digital era.

Highbar Technocrat stands out as the preferred choice for digital transformation solutions, leveraging its team of seasoned SAP-certified professionals who bring extensive expertise in SAP solutions. The company’s deep understanding of the Indian business landscape and its regulatory and industry-specific challenges ensures tailored, effective strategies. Highbar Technocrat prioritises customer satisfaction through a collaborative, innovative approach, aiming to build long-lasting partnerships. Its commitment to integrating the latest SAP advancements guarantees clients access to cutting-edge technology.

As an SAP Gold Partner, Highbar Technocrat is officially recognised for its ability to implement, service, and support SAP solutions, marking it as a leader in driving digital innovation.

About Highbar Technocrat Limited:

Highbar Technocrat Limited is a leading SAP Gold Partner specialising in providing comprehensive SAP solutions and services. With a strong focus on driving digital transformation, Highbar Technocrat delivers industry-specific solutions that enhance business efficiency and growth. The company’s expertise spans various industries, including construction, real estate, manufacturing, and more, making it a preferred partner for businesses looking to leverage SAP technologies for success.

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