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HR SPEAK – Reshaping the HR path forward

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“The digital divide that separates generations in the home is gradually creeping into the workplace, and as an organization it’s imperative to catch up. Life as modern consumers has trained us to use mobile devices for our everyday needs, and there’s no reason why HR can’t create the same flexibility and access to information for employees.

The entire talent arena has become one of the more dynamic functions within HR wherein we look for candidates who set themselves apart by leveraging technology, establishing themselves as adaptable, versatile and agile, using novel ways to create an identity that excites employers.

With a technology driven environment, HR will only become more strategic, while using technology to engage and help employees to be more productive. Reports and statistics can now be easily drawn-up through the system. Decisions can be made fast when data are readily available through the system.

Embracing technology would also create transparency and foster an open culture where employees can easily recognize and communicate the great things that happen every day in organizations.

With each passing month, the landscape of solutions available for HR services is evolving. Automation of key routine tasks is improving efficiency in manifolds.

Technology is no longer a nice-to-have, it has become a must have for HR to perform at their optimum. As the wave of technology continues to speed up, those who choose not to ride it will inevitably fall behind.”

Kiran Yadav
Director – HR

DeputKiran Yadav_Director HRy Director – HR at PNB Metlife India Insurance Co Ltd. Prior to that she worked with Aviva Life Insurance and GE Capital in various roles in the HR function. A seasoned HR professional with over 17 years of experience, Kiran has spent over 12 years in the Insurance sector.

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