Indian Coders Are At Par With Their International Counterparts- Sanjay Goyal, VP, Head Of Product and Technology, Times Jobs And TechGig

Indian Coders Are At Par With Their International Counterparts- Sanjay Goyal, VP, Head Of Product and Technology, Times Jobs And TechGig
In an exclusive interview with India Technology News, Sanjay Goyal, VP, Head of Product and Technology, Times Jobs and TechGig shares detailed insights about the upcoming Code Gladiators 2019, the world’s largest coding competition platform as well as the latest trends prevailing in the Indian coding industry.
Below are the excerpts from the interaction-:
1)What will be the key highlights of Code Gladiators 2019 edition? What are the major technologies which Code Gladiators 2019 will focus upon?
The 2019 edition will be bigger and focus on more complex technologies. We are finalizing themes around Blockchain, IOT and Fintech which are the hottest emerging technologies today. The 2019 version of Code Gladiators event would also be different in terms of skill level of candidates as the questions and challenges would be of more complex nature.
2)Do you think the number of registrations for CG 2019 will surpass the figure of 2018 edition?
We received 250,000 registrations in the year 2018 and this year we expect the participation to touch 350,000. We will also continue to consistently take Code Gladiators to a bigger and diverse level in years to come. Our target would be to cover as many Indian cities as possible and scale up the event every year.
3)How do you think the coding talents in tier 2 and tier 3 cities can get the right platform to demonstrate and nurture their skills?
Code Gladiators is a contest platform where we do not have any preferences in terms of qualification or the respective cities of participants. We purely focus on the capability of candidates to understand technology and their ability to code and not on their Interpersonal communication skills. This puts the tier 2 and tier 3 city talents at par with the participants from metros, offering everyone a level playing field to showcase their skills.
4)What will be the rewards for winners of CG 2019?
Other than cash prizes for winners, the biggest advantage for the participants would be a direct interface with the top IT corporations from across the globe. Skilled participants stand a very good chance to bag a lucrative job in those companies.
5)What are the major trends in India’s coding industry as per your understanding?
India is pretty much at par with the rest of the world in terms of the latest trends that are surfacing in the coding industry. A recent industry survey by us revealed that Python and Java are the most preferred languages of Indian coders.
 Java is easier to code and Python gives you access to a good library, enabling you to code in Machine Learning, AI etc. Twenty years back there was no Open Source technology and professionals like us completely relied on licensed tools which were rarely available. 
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