Insights from Sanjiv Surana on Necessity of ERP Implementation in SME’s

Insights from Sanjiv Surana on Necessity of ERP Implementation in SME's


In this competitive era, most of the companies have gone for automation whether it’s operating on a small, medium or large scale. Typically it is observed, SMEs owners are still daunting to invest in ERP and however managing with traditional software applications. There are many SMEs still have small and basic software in practices which are not meant to handle complex business processes, composite decision making, multipart architectures and leaves no time for enterprises to focus on innovation.

Even the technology limitations of legacy software caused complexity in managing multiple corporations in different business scenarios. Using traditional software implicates lost opportunities, reduced efficiency, and substantially limits throughput, workflow and revenue ultimately. Apparently, the cause of using old-style software is the cost involved and no information about the cutting-edge ERP solutions available.

ERP system automates business processes and benefits to improve and streamline business procedures and to systematize if chosen strategically as per the requirement. SAP, a well-known market leader in ERP solutions entirely changed scenarios for SMEs and providing a simple yet strategic solution to reimagine IT and letting them compete in a digital world. It has capabilities to customize as per the enterprise requirement whether it’s small or midsize, provides Increased System Throughput,

Real Time Analytics, and Scalable Infrastructure as well as enhances business user efficiency with beautiful, role-based User interfaces and allows availability on multiple devices.

Re-Imagine ERP for SMEs with:

  • Simplification for Data, Business Processes,  User Experience
  • Modern User  Experience Built upon The Foundation of User’s Goals
  • Innovative  Business Solutions
  • Choice of  Deployment
  • Non-disruptive  Journey
  • People Engagement
  • Analytics

It provides a perfect blend of tradition and innovation in ERP world for SMEs and connects practices across your small or midsize business and work more simply to fast-track decision-making, assimilate processes, and provide information in real time with solutions that scale as your company grows.

As a subject matter expert, Surtel Technologies brings a wealth of experience from local to global with small and midsize enterprise, all the way up to larger entries along with  wide range of Industries such as Food and Beverages, Education, Textile verticals & Garments, Automobile, Solar, Financial Services, Consumer Goods and many more.

Surtel’s skilled and experienced professional team is based out at Indore and leverage SAP technologies to create distinctive capabilities for ERP solutions, especially for SMEs. Using our methodology driven approach for each ERP project, it starts by identifying varying business goals and value drivers followed by detailed analysis for enterprises looking for automation. With the aim to design functionality that is tightly aligned with business objectives of enterprises; measurable business results; Surtel builds the capabilities that allow SMEs to sustain and extend business improvements with their comprehensive ERP expertise.

About the Author- Sanjiv Surana is the Subject Matter Expert on ERP solutions and he is the founder and director of Surtel Technologies.

Today we live in a T-shaped world. While broad knowledge across the ecosystems is critical, deep insights and expertise of Subject Matter Experts help organizations leapfrog. At IndiaTechnologyNews, we cover much more than news, views and analysis, and we feature SMEs to help translate their knowledge to wider audiences. Reach me at

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