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Infoblox’s new AI-powered SOC insights capability reduces response time

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Infoblox has announced an industry-first, AI-driven security operations solution, SOC Insights, that boosts its DNS Detection and Response solution, BloxOne Threat Defense.  SOC Insights empowers security analysts to jump-start investigations that truly matter and dramatically reduce response time by turning vast amounts of security events, network, ecosystem, and unique DNS intelligence data into a manageable set of immediate, actionable insights at AI speed.

Going beyond simple malware risk-based dashboards, SOC Insights enables cybersecurity teams to reduce mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) by eliminating wasted time by consolidating individual alerts into unique insights. Each insight provides easy access to device, event, and attacker infrastructure details and Infoblox unique DNS intelligence data. This eliminates the need for SecOps teams to spend time tracking each alert or waiting on NetOps for user and device information for context around threat activity.

“SOC Insights is a game-changer for SecOps, allowing them to focus on what matters, especially when they’re up against limited budget and resources, said Craig Sanderson, Vice President of security and Product Management, Infoblox. “At Infoblox, we envision a future where AI-driven analytics and DNS-driven intelligence dramatically elevate SecOps efficiency, with SOC Insights setting the industry standard.”

With evolving technologies like generative AI and cloud and the continued cyber security skills shortage — the growth of sophisticated attacks is now resulting in more business risk and exposure than ever.  With SOC Insights, Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense can help in eliminating critical SecOps team challenges such as:

 Increasingly complex cyber-attacks: Apply unique DNS threat intelligence to identify threats other tools will miss and proactively disrupt the adversaries infrastructure to stop threats before they occur.
 Alert fatigue: Quickly identify which events matter the most by narrowing down hundreds of thousands of alerts to a more manageable set of insights with actionable guidance to accelerate the investigation and remediation process.
 Lengthy incident response times: Eliminate wasted time collecting, filtering, and interpreting vast amounts of event, network, and unique DNS intelligence data to enable SecOps to quickly or automatically initiate response activities.
 Underutilised existing security ecosystem:  Share AI-driven insights with correlated and filtered data to trigger automated responses, making other tools in the security stack more effective, further improving the efficiency of SOC tools and teams.

“DNS is poised to help organisations improve security posture and take a proactive approach to prevent breaches, as well as faster time to remediation of ones that do occur. Bad actors are becoming more sophisticated in attacks, leveraging AI to their advantage. SOC Insights has the potential to allow defenders to stay one step ahead of attackers without any guesswork,” said Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy.  “By applying AI to vast amounts of DNS and network data, Infoblox can provide security teams with proactive threat disruption, insightful analytics, and intelligent ecosystem integrations.”

With SOC Insights, Managed Security Service Providers can help their customers improve their security posture, optimise their security investments, and streamline their operations. IT channel partners can also unlock new opportunities to sell or uplift other solutions in the Infoblox Security Ecosystem. SOC Insights is available now. For more information on SOC Insights and BloxOne Threat Defense capabilities, click here or contact an Infoblox representative

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