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Infosys and Better collaborate to offer Mortgage as a Service

Infosys has announced a collaboration with Better Home & Finance Holding Company, a leading digital-first homeownership company, to launch Mortgage as a Service (MaaS), an integrated end-to-end digital mortgage white-labelled platform.

By adopting Infosys-Better white-labelled MaaS, organizations can revolutionize their mortgage operations. Better’s proprietary digital technology is an end-to-end platform including point of sale, pricing, underwriting, loan origination, closing, funding and investor sale – built to be cloud-native. Better has already funded over $100 billion in fully digital loans for the industry, and their status as an industry leader is reflected in their client Ally’s ranking as the #1 Digital Mortgage Platform by J.D. Power. Infosys is one of the world’s largest digital service providers to mortgage firms helping them to strengthen their technology and operations. With its digital-first, cloud-first and AI-first approach, Infosys is best equipped to help its clients to reap the advantages of Mortgage as a Service faster.

“Our strategic collaboration with Better helps us deliver best-in-class digital mortgage services to our customers in a highly innovative, scalable and cost-efficient manner,” said Glenn Brunker, Head of Ally Home, a top-rated national digital lender who has collaborated with Better since 2019. “Leveraging Better’s digital platform has also helped us limit operational volatility as the mortgage industry continues to evolve in the current interest rate environment.”

Henry Cason, CEO, Finlocker, said, “Infosys has deep expertise in the mortgage process and delivering large and complex programs for us while reducing transformation risks. This Mortgage as a Service solution, along with Infosys’ expertise, has the potential to help firms embrace a more efficient digital and automated approach to running business operations.”

Dennis Gada, EVP and Global Head – Financial Services, Infosys, said, “Infosys is a global leader in lending and mortgages. Through our AI-driven operations, we help clients originate loans at significantly lower costs than the industry average. Infosys and Better offer Mortgage as a Service that will allow us to bring to our clients integrated operations and technology with significant productivity benefits.”

Vishal Garg, CEO & Founder, Better, said, “In a market saturated with legacy products that inhibit digital transformation and lead to great inefficiencies and high costs, Infosys and Better offer increased multi-fold mortgage originations at unprecedented speed.”

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