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InMobi Launches Discovery-Commerce in India with Miip platform


InMobi, the world’s most powerful advertising platform will power new mobile shopping experiences that enable discovery led commerce (d-commerce) for Indian consumers using its revolutionary, user-first discovery platform, Miip. India’s largest online store,, leading mobile wallet, Paytm and many apps have signed up with the Miip platform to help them reach more than 120 million users and create over five billion discovery sessions in India every month.

“Miip will usher a new era of discovery-commerce (d-commerce) to Indian mobile users through these next-generation shopping experiences,” said Naveen Tewari, Founder & CEO, InMobi. “Today, merchants both large and small are having a tough time getting users to discover and explore their products. Miip will create personalized shopping experiences to enable discovery of products from more mechants. We believe d-commerce through Miip can drive up to 80% of new product discoveries for merchants and aspire to enable almost 50% of mobile transactions for mobile commerce merchants in the country within the next 12-24 months. ”

Leveraging Miip’s ability to aid serendipitous discovery of products across thousands of native mobile apps, InMobi will drive mobile commerce in a large way through partnerships with leading e-commerce merchants. InMobi has announced a partnership with, India’s largest online store, to initiate pilots on the InMobi platform.

“Today, over 60% of traffic on comes through mobile and a large quantum of shopping happens via the app. As we work towards transforming the way India buys and sells, platform like InMobi’s Miip platform will help us engage deeper with millions of users and facilitate cross-app shopping experiences,” said Mr. Kishore Thota, Head Digital Marketing, Amazon India.

Miip will go beyond showing stunning, curated and personalized products to users by facilitating seamless payment and checkouts within these discovery sessions. InMobi has partnered with Paytm, the largest mobile wallet in India to launch a “Buy with Paytm” button to enable this.

“With more than 120 million Indian smartphone users active on the InMobi network every month, the ability to power frictionless payments and immediate transactions across apps is immensely powerful,” said Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm. “With over 90% of our transactions already coming from smartphones, the “Buy with Paytm” button on Miip will truly enhance more than a billion shopping sessions for all users and increase our market penetration.”

For all mobile app developers, Miip provides a disruptive platform to monetize by creating contextualized product and app discovery experiences that complement their app. Miip will empower each developer to create the right experiences in a custom manner that suits the needs of their users. By solving for monetization in a fashion that doesn’t compromise the user experience, Miip aims to power the next wave of growth for the Indian mobile app developer ecosystem.

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