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Kaspersky awarded 100-plus patents in 2022 

The majority of Kaspersky inventions and innovations in 2022 were devoted to machine learning, cloud infrastructure, security information, event management (SIEM) and malware detection.

As a leading IT company, innovation plays a crucial role in Kaspersky corporate development by constantly working on the creation and implementation of new technologies contributing to cybersecurity industry. The company regularly files patent applications in areas related to its expert solutions and experimental research.

During 2022, Kaspersky has been granted 111 patents and filed 54 applications so far.  Among recently published patents, 47 were granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, 30 by the Russian patent and trademark office, 23 by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, eight by the European Patent Office and two by the Japan Patent Office.

Most registered innovations cover technologies especially relevant for information security processes development. Among the latest inventions are in the areas of machine learning, cloud infrastructure, security information and event management, malware detection and anti-spam detection.  In addition, Kaspersky experts also actively patent their inventions in a variety of sectors including data transferring, ad blocking, and civil drone detection solutions.

 “This year’s results once again affirm Kaspersky teams’ thought leadership in various fields of technology around the world and its commitment to bring innovations to life. We hope next year we will submit even more patent applications, given we already have more new ideas from various departments including Kaspersky OS, EDR / KUMA, mobile development, content filtering and threat intelligence,” comments Anton Tikhomirov, Head of Strategic IP Development at Kaspersky.

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