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L&T Technology Services’ Industry Academia Skill Building Initiative TECHgium®, Receives Record Breaking Participation

L&T Technology Services' Industry Academia Skill Building Initiative TECHgium®, Receives Record Breaking Participation

L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading global pure-play Engineering R&D Services company, today announced the formal launch of the second edition of its unique industry academia initiative TECHgium®. A nationwide platform for talented engineering graduates to solve real-world engineering problems, TECHgium® finalists will be eligible for employment in L&T Technology Services based on the strength of their concepts and solutions.

IIT-Madras, IIT-Roorkee, BITS Pilani, Jadavpur UniversityIIIT Naya Raipur and VIT Vellore are among the premier institutes that partnered and participated in this nationwide talent hunt. More than 17,000 students from 220+ Engineering Colleges have signed up for this marquee event, with over 9,000 students registering for this year’s edition.

Over 30 challenge statements have been defined by LTTS’ global customers. The multi-stage competition requires the engineering students to formulate concepts, submit abstracts, present technical papers and showcase Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to address the challenges. The company has invested over 100 working hours to mentor students shortlisted for the POC round, with LTTS’ SMEs from respective industry domains guiding the students.

Some of the challenges that have been shared by the customers include:

Machine Learning Platform for Video Analytics for elevators
Augmented/Assisted Reality applications for industrial customers
Video analytics tool for detecting human intentions
Reduction of Emissions from Automobiles
Digital solutions for tire wear and tread depth measurement
Variable valve timing for internal combustion engine
Reducing number of doors in HVAC
AI framework for “Demand / Response” task of Microgrid

Dr. Keshab Panda, CEO and Managing Director of L&T Technology Services commented, “At LTTS we aim to nurture brilliance and I am pleased with the increased participation in the event especially with so many premier engineering institutes having participated. TECHgium® provides a national platform for engineering students to come up with innovative solutions for real problems faced by various industries”.

Open to third and fourth year engineering graduates, TECHgium® involves a three stage process spanning submission of ideas, short listing of ideas and the final leg of short listing based on the Proof of Concepts that students submit. The open innovation model gives students from India’s top engineering institutes an opportunity to engage with some of the world’s largest companies and work with them to address various industry challenges. The Grand Finale of TECHgium® will be held in Bangalore on April 13, 2018.

Conferred with the prestigious NASSCOM Digital Skills Award for 2017, LTTS, through initiative like TECHgium® is further advancing the digital upskilling and reskilling to build a modern digital workforc

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