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Mobileye Expands Collaboration with Mahindra and Mahindra to Explore Next-Generation Advanced Driving Technology

Mobileye, a pioneering, AI-powered Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology company, is expanding its existing relationship with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), a leader in automotive, farm and services businesses. Mobileye will collaborate with M&M to introduce multiple solutions based on Mobileye’s next-generation EyeQ™6 systems-on-chip and sensing and mapping software, including an intent to build a full-stack autonomous driving system.

Mobileye will leverage its extensive portfolio of advanced solutions and expertise in autonomous driving technologies to develop higher degrees of ADAS levels to be introduced on M&M’s upcoming platforms. This includes a collaboration for next generation driving assistance features based on Mobileye’s SuperVision™ platform, and for deploying new mapping solutions. This step is in line with Mahindra’s commitment to deliver market-leading, innovative solutions that enhance safety, comfort and driving experience for their customers and also enhance the supply chain resiliency of related components for M&M.

This collaboration strengthens the existing relationship between M&M and Mobileye, which resulted in the introduction of a segment-first suite of ADAS features in India on the Mahindra XUV7OO in 2021, setting the stage for future innovations in active safety.

“We are thrilled to see that Indian consumers have shown such enthusiasm for the adoption of active safety technology, and we commend Mahindra for their innovative vision in being the first in India to offer this life-saving technology,” said Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua. “As more advanced models emerge, we see great opportunities for growth in India and look forward to executing with Mahindra to bring Mobileye SuperVision-based services to one of the most challenging driving environments in the world.”

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