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Mr. Vipul Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Aereo

Mr. Vipul Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Aereo (formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems): “The Union Budget truly echoes India’s ambition towards “Digital India” by delivering new-age courses for industry 4.0.  Courses in coding, AI, robotics, and drones will enable new-age skill-building for India’s youth. This will open up a wide array of opportunities for them, especially in the rapidly expanding drone industry. The government’s focus on progressing technology and R&D through improving human capital is a step in the right direction. Upskilling the youth is critical to developing a robust drone infrastructure across the country.

Currently, the demand for technically proficient workforce in the country is at an all time high. With the increasing number of drone startups, this initiative towards including technology-focused curriculum will help lay the foundations to fulfill this demand. Another major boost to the startup ecosystem in the country is lowering capital gains taxation and allowing startups to carry forward losses on changes in shareholding from 7 to 10 years after incorporation. The setting up of Agriculture Accelerator Fund will propel agri-tech start-ups, which drones are an active part of, and develop innovative and affordable solutions from the vast majority of rural India.”

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