MRSS India Inks Agreement with Wakoopa for Cross Platform Digital Tracking

MRSS India

MRSS India announced today its strategic partnership with Wakoopa, an Amsterdam-based company specializing in behavioral data. This business alliance marks the launch of Wakoopa Hub in India, a new behavioral data marketplace.

Wakoopa Hub provides behavioral data to market researchers through a global network of panel companies that have implemented Wakoopa technologies into their panel. This marketplace broadens industry access to behavioral data while simplifying the purchase process and driving economies of scale.

Under this partnership, MRSS India can now offer digital behavior data from PC or mobile devices helping clients capture a 360 degree view of their specific target audience’s digital journeys. Clients can use this to build digital profiles of their consumer segments, or understand the path to purchase with richer insights than what can be provided from survey research alone.

Mr Raj Sharma, Chairman, MRSS India said, “We are excited to tie-up with Wakoopa to bring
pasRaj Sharma, Chairman MRSSsive metering technology in India. This strategic tie-up gives brand owners and researchers an access to the ability to decode the digital consumer across the world. Its a huge boost to our recruitment expertise to work with best in class technology.”

Simon van Duivenvoorde, Managing Director, Wakoopa Simon van Duivenvoorde, Managing Director of Wakoopa said, “This is an exciting step for market research. By connecting supply and demand in the market for behavioral data, Wakoopa Hub lowers the barriers to conduct behavioral data fuelled studies. We look forward to continuing the journey of driving adoption of behavioral data as a standard element in market research.”

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