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OnActuate Removes System Bottlenecks for Bottlers in India

How OnActuate is helping bottlers across India better their business processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365

The refreshing fizzing sound when you open a bottle of Coca-Cola. Making small talk with coworkers at the office water cooler. These familiar scenarios are only possible through staple consumer products from bottling companies. Thanks to technology partners like OnActuate, these bottlers are continually innovating to better serve their customers – in India and worldwide.

The bottled water industry in India is becoming one of the fastest growing industries – it is expected to reach $7.8 billion USD (630 billion Indian rupees) by 2029. As the bottling industry grows in India and globally, innovative technology is necessary to keep up with demand and combat supply chain challenges.

OnActuate, a go-to digital transformation partner

Bottlers across the globe are turning to expert organizations, like OnActuate, to partner with on digital transformations. OnActuate is a global technology and consulting firm, a Microsoft Certified Partner and a Cloud Solutions Provider. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Sharan Oberoi, who started as a young engineering graduate in India, OnActuate has experienced fast-paced growth, and delivers excellence to a wide variety of customers across different industries.

OnActuate supports customers globally and has an office in Delhi. Some of the tech company’s notable customers include industry leaders Coca-Cola and Bisleri.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the OnActuate difference

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain (D365 F&Sc) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to further automate business processes gaining productivity and efficiencies for mid to large organizations. With this powerful cloud solution, businesses can better project cash flow, more effectively budget and collaboratively plan campaigns and promotions with trading partners, enhance warehousing, logistics and distribution management processes while simplifying financial management with a fully integrated solution.

The OnActuate Bottling Solution extends the features of Microsoft Dynamics. Built using the Microsoft Power Platform, it offers functional applications that are tailored to common bottling processes. This secured and scalable, cloud-hosted solution can manage and automate key needs such as handling empty bottles, tracking and SG&A reconciliation at client locations, quality checking, bulk order management, and more. The solution suite’s powerful business intelligence tools deliver relevant analytics and insights from across the company.

Disparate systems are a problem that many bottlers continue to deal with, as trying to manage multiple systems can cause delays in processes, duplication of work, and multiple data sources that don’t speak to each other. Overall, a single system that “does it all” allows for data management and processes to be easily and quickly managed.

By utilizing OnActuate’s proven and repeatable bottling solution that solves and automates common processes in the bottling industry, bottlers in India and around the globe can ensure their technology is prepared for business growth.

Industry leaders find success with OnActuate

OnActuate’s expert teams are knowledgeable and understand the needs of all bottlers, whether national or regional.

One of India’s largest bottled mineral water producers, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd (Bisleri), partnered with OnActuate in 2022 for a digital transformation project to better manage their financial records. Bisleri is a national brand with a 66% market share of India’s bottling industry. They are migrating from an on-premises ERP system to cloud-hosted D365 F&Sc and implementing OnActuate’s innovative bottling solution. As a gold-certified Microsoft partner with extensive bottling industry experience, OnActuate was their preferred partner for the digital transformation.

Sayali Aklekar, Head – Information Technology, Bisleri said, “We chose to partner with OnActuate because we were impressed with their bottling industry knowledge and excited about the functionality their bottling solution offers. We look forward to collaborating and improving our business processes.”

Ashish Sharan, Co-Founder, OnActuate said, “We are honored that Bisleri chose to align themselves with OnActuate on this important project. I believe our people-first approach and knowledgeable team helped Bisleri feel comfortable trusting us with the implementation.”

This isn’t the first time OnActuate has partnered with a bottler in the country, as the tech company has a strong presence in India working with local Coca-Cola bottlers, and even Coca-Cola India itself. In 2020 Coca-Cola announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to standardize operations on Microsoft’s cloud.

Working on similar ERP implementation projects with bottlers Ludhiana Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (LBPL), Moon Beverages Limited, and Diamond Beverages (P) Limited (DBPL), allowed OnActuate to naturally develop a process that could be replicated. This led to the creation of the innovative bottling solution. Now these bottlers are seeing positive results. For example, LBPL was able to reduce system customizations by 17%.

The solution being able to accommodate Indian bottlers at both the local level and larger national bottlers speaks to OnActuate’s customer-centric approach in solving problems. By working closely with organizations to understand their needs, OnActuate was able to develop automated processes and applications that are both unique to the industry and easily replicated amongst the industry.

Kulwant Chhabra, CIO, DBPL said,“OnActuate’s bottling solution is what we needed for our business operations. It standardizes and automates many processes and will reduce manual input, saving us a lot of time and resources.”

What’s next for bottlers

The Beverage and the Consumer-Packaged Goods sector is an industry that must continuously innovate given the market competition and regulatory requirements.

As the industry expands, bottlers will need to look to technology partners such as OnActuate who bring a sophisticated level of experience and expertise for successful digital transformations.

OnActuate’s mission is to ensure that the bottling industry in India and globally is well-equipped with the best-in-cloud technology that meets industry needs, while being scalable. You can learn more about OnActuate by visiting their website:

Rachana Chowdhary and ITN Team
Rachana Chowdhary is a media professional with over 20 years of experience. She writes and edits subjects across industries.

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