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QMS MAS ties up with Varanium Cloud to launch Vyana, medical wearable for direct-to-consumer healthcare

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Varanium Cloud India’s leading digital technology company, and QMS MAS (Medical Allied Services), a front-runner in the field of health care and wellness, have joined hands to launch Vyana, a revolutionary medical wearable. The device has been introduced as a part of QMS MAS’s vast range of point-of-care products under the banner Q Devices, with which the company has made its maiden foray into the direct-to-consumer sector.

Vyana aims to address a growing need of having a medical wearable that aids timely assistance and it has been designed to constantly monitor vital parameters and send instant notifications as well as contact the user and their emergency contacts directly in case of significant fluctuations, thereby making it a must use for high risk groups.

QMS MAS has an extensive array of medical devices launched under the umbrella of Q Devices, ranging from multifunction fingertip health monitors, mesh nebulisers, personal massagers, tubular mattresses with compressors, automatic blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, powered suction pumps and nano steamers. These lifestyle monitoring devices offered by the brand meet the highest standards of quality and resonate with the company’s mission of advocating a healthier lifestyle amongst its consumers.

Speaking at the launch, Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Varanium Cloud Ltd said “We are delighted to partner with QMS MAS to unveil Vyana. This device will help address the health concerns of millions of Indians and help reduce the number of hospitalisations due to avoidable reasons by alerting people on time about their fluctuating biological indicators. It’s a technological breakthrough for us and we hope to serve as many people as we can with its launch in the coming days.”

Dr. Guddi Makhija, Director, QMS MAS, said, “The company’s prerogative has always been to help customers adopt a healthy lifestyle. Q devices offer products that will serve as dependable allies in the customer’s healthcare journey. Especially salient in this regard is Vyana, a first-of-its-kind device that we have launched in partnership with Varanium Cloud Ltd. These lifestyle monitoring products are a culmination of the hard work, a spirit of scientific inquiry and innovation that QMS MAS has fostered over 28 years. They are reliable, dependable and easy to use, and through them, we hope to realise our dream of making India healthier and happier.”

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