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Robopreneurs To Emerge Amid Pandemic Triggered Disruptions

On start of New Year 2022, Tech. Analyst ‘5Jewels Research’ has predicted that Robopreneurs to emerge aggressively amid pandemic triggered frequent disruptions. As new variants of Covid-19 hits around the World, countries started imposing fresh restrictions like previous years, threatening again people’s works, businesses, and economies, which necessitates higher adoption of digital technologies along with Robotics and Automation. As per 5Jewels Research’s Analyst, world is moving in a direction where humans are becoming susceptible to frequent pandemic outbreaks and other health hazards. Hence it is high time when humans should consider developing and deploying their Robotics Avatars in works, businesses, and establishments.

Releasing his annual predictions Chief Analyst of 5Jewels Research Sumant Parimal said “Many humans in future to becomes Robopreneurs (Robotics Entrepreneurs) and even many employees to turn Robopreneurs as they train their Avatar Robots with their skill sets to deploy it at their respective workplaces & establishments which can be remotely controlled and supervised.  Robotics Avatars shall be based on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Machine Vision, and shall be intelligent enough to learn works and experiences from humans. Once Robotics Avatars gets trained by humans, it can be deployed to work for them in enterprises, businesses, houses”.

“Companies HR and our work systems should be ready to accept such major change keeping in mind continuity of our works and businesses during pandemic or other disruptions. Apart from ensuring better business and works continuity, Robopreneurs model to also multiply productivity thus income of humans” Sumant Parimal said further.

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