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Silizium Circuits: Dedicated to Upskilling India’s Semiconductor Industry

Exclusive interview with Rijin John, Co-founder and CEO — Silizium Circuits

In a world dominated by electronics and ever-evolving technology, the story of Silizium Circuits, helmed by Co-founder and CEO Rijin John, is one of inspiration and innovation. This dynamic semiconductor IP and SoC company, a proud part of FabCI IIT Hyderabad, has set its sights on revolutionizing the semiconductor landscape, particularly in the wireless domain. In a candid conversation, Rijin John shares insights into the company’s groundbreaking journey and the recognition it has earned on the global stage.

Silizium Circuits has established itself as a leading player in the wireless semiconductor IPs and SoCs domain, delivering solutions that are second to none. The company designs and manufactures high-performance integrated circuits for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Silizium Circuits is a relatively new company, but it has quickly become a leader in the AI chip market.

Rijin John takes pride in highlighting their stellar achievement – the creation of the front-end module for the entire GNSS constellations. This groundbreaking feat encompasses NAVIC, GPS, Galileo, Baidu, GLONASS, and supports the vital L1, L5, and the strategic S-band frequencies. What truly sets Silizium Circuits apart is the exceptional performance of their semiconductor, surpassing many imported counterparts, proudly representing a ‘Made in India’ success story for the world to admire.

The recognition and honor bestowed upon Silizium Circuits in the form of the “Most Promising Semiconductor Startup Award” from ELCINA are testament to the company’s innovative prowess. Rijin John acknowledges the immense support offered by ELCINA, which is instrumental in propelling them further in their mission to excel in the semiconductor arena.

Looking forward, Rijin John underscores the significant role that semiconductors are destined to play in the rapidly evolving landscape of Industry 4.0 and related fields. As Industry 4.0 continues to gain traction, both sensors and semiconductors will be the linchpins that drive progress. Silizium Circuits is strategically positioned to contribute to the wireless applications, not only on the semiconductor front but also in synergy with sensor applications across industries.

Rijin John also acknowledges the crucial need for skilled professionals in the semiconductor industry. Recognizing this, both the government and private players are actively promoting skill development activities. Silizium Circuits, in collaboration with FabCI, has taken a proactive step by launching the FabCI Campus program, dedicated to upskilling aspiring individuals for the semiconductor industry. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of bridging the skill gap in this vital sector.

As Rijin John reflects on their journey, he expresses his delight in being an integral part of the electronics and semiconductor community. Their remarkable journey has already garnered accolades, with Silizium Circuits receiving the “Most Promising Semiconductor Startup Award” from the Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) last year. Now, they proudly receive the same recognition from ELCINA. Additionally, their partnership with IIT Kanpur has secured them the coveted Chip2 Startup award, hosted by MITI, underlining their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Silizium Circuits’ journey is an emblem of India’s capabilities in the semiconductor space, driven by innovation, excellence, and a resolute commitment to a promising future.

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