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Sincera Launches ‘1Data’ – a Data Management Platform to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Sincera, a leading provider of data management solutions, has announced the launch of 1Data – its new and revamped data management platform. Managing the increasing size and complexity of enterprise data is a business imperative; 1Data will be an essential tool for businesses to operationalize data management functions, institutionalize data governance and accelerate digital initiatives.

Ovum Research estimates that poor data quality costs companies at least 30% of their revenue. In the telecom market, where 1Data has been initially deployed, it has demonstrated significant operational cost reduction and improved key business metrics. 1Data has managed data quality effectively and automatically to reduce provisioning intervals, enhance service assurance metrics and as a result, increase customer satisfaction. For 5G rollout, it enabled a customer to respond rapidly to evolving technologies and data landscape.

Sanjay Jain, Sincera CEO said, “Our new and improved platform 1Data, is focused on empowering the typical business user to cleanse, integrate, analyze and distribute their enterprise data to automate their processes, measure and improve business metrics. The 1Data solution is the result of Sincera’s decades of experience in developing automation and data cleansing tools in the Network Operations space.”

“1Data allows users to ingest data from multiple sources and systems, create and manage their own workflows, implement Machine Learning enhanced rules and to deliver measurable outcomes on an ongoing basis. Our rule libraries encapsulate data-driven business knowledge freeing the critical, knowledgeable employees to focus on the strategic initiatives of the company, rather than being required to deal with day-to-day operational issues.”

Given the critical role of data in businesses, 1Data brings a flexible and scalable solution that enables the use of data as a strategic asset to gain reliable business insight and accelerate digital transformation.

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