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SpectraLIT, an AI powered fastest COVID19 testing kit enters India

MediCircle Health Pvt. Ltd. an AI-powered diagnostics company is introducing the SpectraLIT – Spectral Instant Test in India, which is the world’s fastest Covid-19 test delivering results in just one second.

SpectraLIT is a portable spectrophotometry-based testing platform that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect COVID-19 by using an individual’s nasal or mouthwash sample. This eliminates the need for complex lab equipment and chemicals by providing immediate results using the spectral signature of the virus. The AI algorithm enables SpectraLIT to distinguish between an infected person and a healthy person. Additionally, the algorithm can be adjusted to detect different variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

SpectraLIT is developed by Newsight Imaging which specializes in developing advanced machine vision chip sensors in collaboration with the reputed Sheba Medical Center’s ARC InnovationCenter in Israel. The technology is licensed to Hong Kong-based AI Innobio for the Asia-Pacific region. MediCircle Health Pvt. Ltd. has an exclusive tie-up with AIInnoBio to launch the test in India.

Extensive studies performed in Israel have shown a concordance to RT-PCR of close to 95% and a validation study in India showed concordance (sensitivity) of 93.5% to PCR. As the data set of Spectral signatures increases, the AI algorithm will continuously improve to give even more accurate results. The ultimate goal of this revolutionary testing platform is to help India safely reopen and stay open.

Eventually, SpectraLIT will be able to test for diseases other than COVID-19. The platform will grow and innovations will allow it to detect other infectious diseases such as Influenza, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, and UTIs, as well as non-communicable diseases such as sickle cell disease.

How does it work?
When the human body is infected by the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), the body starts producing chemicals in response to the infection, including proteins and peptides present in the secretions in the nose, mouth, and pharynx. When a sample from the patient is inserted into the device, a spectra is generated. SpectraLIT performs instant spectral analysis and it can accurately as well as instantly determine if the spectral pattern matches that of the COVID-19 sample. All that SpectraLIT requires is a computer, an internet connection, a plastic cuvette, and saline water. It eliminates the use of any reagents or chemicals. The kit also empowers frequent scalable testing.

SpectraLIT has received the European Union CE-IVD mark of authorization for use in the diagnosis of COVID-19, which is recognized and accepted in India by ICMR. It has been launched in 7 countries and has been approved by ICTS, the European airport security giant to offer a quick COVID-19 screening process at European airports. It has also been tested in 36 hospitals across North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. SpectraLIT is currently undergoing FDA approvals in the United States.

SpectraLIT delivers results within seconds of its use. SpectraLIT is the fastest test for COVID-19 in the world and is CE-IVD certified. SpectraLIT is portable and can be operated with minimal training. This makes it easy for clinics and communities including in rural areas to conduct testing. SpectraLIT can uniquely enable instant and accurate mass screening which makes it the ideal scalable solution for entry screening to airports, malls, schools, offices, sports stadiums, temples, and events.

SpectraLIT is digitally connected, so all results are relayed securely to designated authorities such as the ICMR, central and state public health departments, doctors, employers, and patients. This ensures that public health authorities get real-time data, and can respond immediately. Additionally, this feature will enable authorities to detect Covid-19 Hotspots early and help in containing outbreaks.

SpectraLIT has been validated in Israel with a concordance to RT-PCR close to 95% and in India with a concordance (sensitivity) of 93.2% compared to RT-PCR. As SpectraLIT is powered by AI, its accuracy will only improve with a larger database.

SpectraLIT supports conventional swab collection as well as an innovative non-invasive mouth gargle. This makes testing convenient and comfortable.

Dr Rajit Shah, Partner, elaborated on its technical capabilities “SpectraLIT is a platform that can detect COVID-19 in seconds. It enables instant, accurate, and scalable COVID-19 testing. It is unique in that it provides results within seconds. Since the test is internet-powered, the results are shared with designated parties such as ICMR, patients, and employers in real-time. SpectraLIT™ can help India reopen safely and keep businesses, offices, industries, restaurants, sports, and travel safe from COVID-19. SpectraLIT has a learning algorithm that enables it to become even more accurate with time. In the future additional models for other infectious disease will be added, as well as modules for some non-communicable diseases. R&D is underway to combine SpectraLIT™ with reagents to detect a number of diseases instantly and accurately.”

Pranav Kohli, Partner, said “We at MediCircle Health Pvt. Ltd. are proud of our association with AI INNOBIO, and Newsight Imaging. With this association, we will be in a unique position to help India fight against COVID-19 and its various strains. Our objective is to play our part in the larger adaptation of the WHO t3 initiative which is to test, treat, and track. COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives; it has changed how we shop, dine, play and watch sports, and drastically changed the landscape of the travel industry. A few months ago when we experienced a COVID-19 crisis at home, we understood the importance of a fast testing kit and how it can drastically uplift the current situation. With SpectraLIT, India will be able to test accurately and rapidly – not within days, not within hours, not within minutes but within seconds. India will fight back with SpectraLIT.”

India has reported over 4 Lakh positive COVID-19 cases in a single day through the second wave. Only under 10 % of the population has been completely vaccinated and less than 25% has received the first dose. With warnings of an imminent third wave and new and more concerning variants, it is imperative for India to deploy a rapid testing kit like SpectraLIT™ to reopen and stay safe. SpectraLIT can be mass deployed in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and in rural hotspots as well. Detecting the spread of infection in real-time is the first step to containing it. This will also help ease both domestic and international travel restrictions and help bring back people safely to their work environments.

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