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State Bank of India partners with HCLSoftware to digitally transform customer engagement


HCL Software, the software business unit of HCLTech, announced that it has been selected by State Bank of India (SBI) for their MarTech solution as part of SBI’s digital transformation program.

As part of the five-year agreement, HCLSoftware will deploy the HCL Unica platform to enable SBI to digitally transform its customer interaction framework and provide hyper-personalised communication across the bank’s diverse digital marketing channels, while adhering to the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) and other stringent security requirements.

HCL Unica, with its advanced Customer Data Platform, AI capabilities, and comprehensive campaign management tools, would leverage real-time data to significantly improve SBI’s ability to engage with its customers. It will help facilitate complex, multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, enhancing customer engagement precision and relevance.

“The partnership underscores the strength of the innovative capabilities of HCL Software to deliver digital transformation at scale. We are proud that HCL Unica would enable one of the largest banking transformations in the world and help SBI deliver superior customer engagement and experience,” said Rajiv Shesh, Chief Revenue Officer, HCLSoftware.

HCL Unica’s powerful Customer Data Platform will organise and aggregate SBI’s customer data from various touchpoints, creating a unified view that facilitates deeper insights and targeted marketing initiatives.

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