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 TestGrid Introduces CoTester, The World’s First AI Software Tester

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In an era where innovation is paramount, TestGrid, a pioneering force in automation testing, both in the cloud and on-premises, proudly unveils CoTester™. This trailblazing, first-of-its-kind AI technology is dedicated to transforming the landscape of software testing with its unparalleled capabilities. CoTester™ is designed to liberate software testers from the mundane, enabling them to focus on shipping revolutionary software at unparalleled speeds.
CoTester is more than just a tool; think of it as a dynamic addition to your team. It doesn’t just understand the intricacies of software testing; it excels in them. From Selenium to Cypress, and Appium to Robot, CoTester™ is your expert in every testing framework you utilize, blending seamlessly into your existing processes with ease.Harry Rao, the CEO & Founder of TestGrid, encapsulates the spirit of innovation with the launch of CoTester™ saying, “Our goal was to revolutionize testing, and with CoTester™, we’re not just on track; we’re leading the way. Think of it as having an extra brain in your team, one that’s tireless, exceptionally knowledgeable, and infinitely adaptable. It is not just an assistant; it’s your partner in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in software development.
“With CoTester™, you’re not just hiring another team member; you’re unlocking a realm of possibilities. Post-training, CoTester™ steps into action, it can flawlessly craft and execute both manual and automated test cases across TestGrid’s extensive platform. It can find and assign bugs to team members, sit in sprints, take notes, provide sprint summaries with actionable items, etc.What sets CoTester™ apart is its evolutionary nature. With every task, it not only grows more adept but also fine-tunes its skills, promising ever-increasing efficiency and accuracy. This self-improving capability ensures that CoTester™ isn’t just a solution for today but a partner in your long-term success, constantly elevating the quality and productivity of your software testing efforts.
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