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TNSDC Partners with Gupshup; WhatsApp Chatbot Drives 800+ Job Placements in 20 Days

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800+ job placements in 20 days–That’s the remarkable feat achieved by Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation’s (TNSDC) chatbot on WhatsApp, built by Gupshup. Launched merely two months ago, the chatbot has been able to accomplish enhanced employment opportunities for its users in just 20 days. Not only that, the chatbot attracts more than 200 users daily to explore new job opportunities.

The idea of a WhatsApp chatbot was born with an intent to connect technically unskilled, unemployed individuals in the state, with job opportunities that may not be advertised on traditional platforms. TNSDC’s aim was to establish a system that is easily accessible and user-friendly, allowing for efficient communication between job seekers and placement partners.

To initiate the chatbot, candidates need to type and send “Click” in their message box to 99942 51111 on  WhatsApp. They can register their details, including job preferences through a series of interactions with the chatbot. The chatbot then provides a link to an HTML page showcasing available jobs posted by placement partners matching the skills, experience and other criteria as defined by the candidate. Further, candidates who are able to successfully find a job are tracked for further follow-ups and assessment by TNSDC.

The chatbot named Ilaya helps job seekers get employment across sectors such as automotive, power, retail, mining etc and is conversant in both English and Tamil.

“Our WhatsApp chatbot initiative bridges the gap for blue-collar job seekers and employers. Tailored for those who may not be tech-savvy, we connect a pool of unemployed individuals with jobs not widely advertised on traditional portals. Partnering with Gupshup has allowed us to streamline the process, ensuring our platform facilitates effective matches between talent and opportunities”, said Sai Prasad, Program Manager, Tamil Nadu Skill development Corporation.

Moving forward, TNSDC aims to bring 2-way messaging capabilities to the chatbot which will allow users to initiate bot conversations. The agency plans to build awareness about this new employment building measure through a database of 10 lakh new graduates and job seekers.

By harnessing the power of technology to link aspiring youth with industry demand, TNSDC’s WhatsApp chatbot promises to fuel the aspirations of Tamil Nadu’s blue collared workers.

“The phenomenal success witnessed by TNSDC brings to the fore, the power of Conversational engagement in uplifting lives when used correctly. In fact, TNSDC’s visionary approach in supporting the state’s burgeoning blue-collared workforce with meaningful employment using technologies such as WhatsApp is commendable. We are excited to work with them in facilitating more job opportunities for the youth of Tamil Nadu, and in helping solve a major challenge of our times”, said Vikas Goel, Senior Director, Government vertical at Gupshup.

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