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Trend Micro to Secure AI-Enabled Private Data Centers Worldwide

Trend Micro Incorporated has announced plans to demo a new data center solution, using NVIDIA technology, for security-conscious business and government customers harnessing the power of AI.

Trend Vision One™ – Sovereign and Private Cloud (SPC) integrates with NVIDIA NIM, a set of easy-to-use inference microservices, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which is designed to accelerate the deployment of generative AI across the cloud, data center, and workstations.

Eva Chen, CEO at Trend: “While many in the industry are claiming advancements in AI security, we’re out showing business-critical use cases. The integration of NVIDIA NIM with our Vision One Sovereign and Private Cloud brings the power needed for this entire infrastructure change ahead as companies worldwide adopt generative AI.”

Pat Lee, VP of Strategic Enterprise Partnerships at NVIDIA: “Leading companies recognize the importance of deploying generative AI in diverse environments, including sovereign private clouds, and are developing strategies for integrating security into their AI applications. Trend Micro’s NVIDIA NIM integration highlights how companies can use generative AI to enhance the security of their customers’ environments across a broad range of enterprise infrastructure.”

Trend’s solution meets the growing demands of government and private sector organizations wanting to leverage the power of AI in their on-prem data centers to supercharge worker productivity and create innovative AI-powered user experiences. Yet their investments in this area also pose a risk of expanding the attack surface.

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President at IDC: “Governments, MSPs, and large enterprises are increasingly looking to private clouds to alleviate regulatory and national security concerns. Their ability to do so without compromising on performance could be a major tipping point in the mass adoption of AI services worldwide.”

These large organizations are also increasingly looking to self-hosted generative AI solutions located within private clouds to mitigate privacy, sovereignty, and regulatory compliance concerns.

This is where Trend’s security platform comes in. By utilizing NVIDIA NIM optimized AI inferencing microservices to locally serve Trend’s Cyber Security LLM, Trend Vision One – SPC amplifies the strength of security solutions by improving data privacy, real-time analysis, and rapid threat mitigation.

This integration addresses the complexities of next-generation AI-driven data centers and delivers the highly efficient threat detection and response capabilities.

By avoiding inline inspection on traffic, high CPU computing power consumption and increased latency typically associated with processing large data volumes are prevented. This ensures seamless operation and maximizes the efficiency of both security and AI processes, making Trend Vision One – SPC a powerful solution for modern data centers.

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