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WhatsApp Channels surpasses 500 million monthly active users 

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that WhatsApp Channels has surpassed 500 million monthly active users. Channels is a new way to get updates from people, organizations, and teams you follow on WhatsApp. Channels are separate from your private chats, and who you choose to follow is not visible to other followers.

Mark Zuckerberg, announced the news on his WhatsApp Channel“500 million monthly actives on WhatsApp Channels in the first 7 weeks! Great to see the WA community so engaged.”

New Today:

Here are some WhatsApp Channels you can follow so that you don’t miss out on exciting updates from your favorite celebrities, sports teams and content creators. 

Global music sensation, Diljit Dosanjhsaid, My WhatsApp Channel is where I communicate with my fans in a personal and authentic way…it feels like I’m connecting with them, sharing the most important moments of my life with them, just like I would with my friends and family back home. Whether it’s my new song, an exciting collaboration or just a good morning message, WhatsApp Channels is where I express myself and feel closer to my community of fans.”

Indian celebrity chef, Ranveer Brarsaid, “WhatsApp Channels has been an amazing platform to build my community of food lovers and share content that I’m passionate about, all things food! Whether it’s sharing my favourite recipes, cooking tips or personal moments, WhatsApp Channels is the perfect place to do that and the best part is that it’s as simple as sending a message.”

Here are some global top moments (that happened only on channels!): 

This is just the beginning, and we’ll continue to add more features and expand Channels based on feedback we get from users.If you’re looking to hear about more product updates directly from us, we’ve now also launched the official WhatsApp Channel to keep you up-to-date on what we’re building.

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