Wipro and Pandorum Partner to Accelerate Regenerative Medicine with AI

Wipro Limited and Pandorum Technologies, a biotechnology company working in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, today announced a long-term partnership. Together, the companies will focus on development of technologies that shorten time-to-market and maximize patient outcome during R&D and clinical trials of regenerative medicine. The partnership combines the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of Wipro Holmes with Pandorum’s expertise in regenerative medicine.

The initial focus of collaboration will be on ‘bio-engineered liquid cornea’ and will expand across the product pipeline including lung and liver regenerative tissues.

Wipro Holmes AI-based decision support solution will provide insights on the potential outcomes of specific formulations, apply advanced algorithms to predict and improve the efficacy of therapeutics, and help in clinical study design.

The combined vision of Pandorum and Wipro is to build an AI system that learns from the multi-dimensional data coming out of Pandorum’s R&D pipeline at the cellular, tissue (organoid) and organ levels, and provides actionable insights. Wipro Holmes’ capability in deriving insights from phenotypes, genotypes and clinical progression assessments will complement Pandorum’s state-of-the-art capabilities in tissue regeneration and regenerative medicine. Pandorum is on the cusp of entering clinical stage, and the exponential partnership with Wipro, merging Pandorum’s expertise and artificial intelligence, will unlock the power of regenerative medicine.

“By embracing digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, life sciences organizations can accelerate innovation, transform business processes and fuel growth. In life sciences R&D, AI is particularly valuable to rapidly discover new formulations, expedite therapeutic development and bring life-saving therapies to market faster, thereby positively influencing human health. With our domain and AI expertise, we stand ready to enable our health and life sciences clients to serve their stakeholders better,” said Rajan Kohli, President and Managing Partner, iDEAS, Wipro Limited.

“We’re living in a time of unprecedented progress in biology, data science and machine learning. We are building a framework to converge these three fields, in order to harness the potential of tissue reprogramming to the fullest and address global unmet clinical needs, such as, corneal blindness, Liver diseases. In the end, what matters most is to be able to alleviate the suffering of the patients. Together with Wipro, we hope to accelerate this process”  said Tuhin Bhowmick, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Pandorum.

 “Regenerative medicine is an alternative option for many patients awaiting donors for transplant. We are excited to bring Wipro Holmes advanced AI capabilities to Pandorum, which will accelerate the development of successful regenerative therapeutics and enable better outcomes for the patients. Our focus on developing explainable AI and built-in capabilities for data privacy makes Wipro Holmes the most suitable for life sciences R&D and clinical trials,” said Harmeet Chauhan, Global Head – Engineering and R&D, Wipro Limited.

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