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ShemarooVerse Launches Futuristic Immersive AI Gaming Experience in partnership with GMetri

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Shemaroo Entertainment has announced a groundbreaking partnership with GMetri, a leader in AI-powered immersive learning and game development. This collaboration signifies the expansion of ShemarooVerse- Shemaroo’s metaverse platform, into the realm of immersive AI gaming, bringing IP-based gaming to the Web3 platform.

As part of this innovative venture, ShemarooVerse has introduced IP-based games which leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and allow fans to experience immersive games in the metaverse.
Arghya Chakravarty, COO of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd., highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “At Shemaroo, we have always led the way in innovation, and ShemarooVerse, our metaverse platform, exemplifies our dedication to creating future-forward entertainment. By incorporating AI-based gaming, we aim to deliver an even more captivating experience for our consumers. Our collaboration with GMetri represents a pivotal advancement in transforming audience interaction with our popular movies, and we are excited to be developing groundbreaking innovations in the immersive entertainment and gaming space in India.”
Utsav Mathur, CEO of GMetri, commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled to bring our technology to ShemarooVerse, showcasing the power of our immersive learning and gaming platform. This collaboration allows us to demonstrate how our AI-driven solution can transform entertainment IP into engaging, interactive experiences. By leveraging our expertise in creating gamified, immersive 3D worlds, we are not only enhancing fan engagement but also showcasing the versatility of our technology across various sectors, from corporate learning to entertainment. This partnership with Shemaroo is a testament to the adaptability and effectiveness of our platform in creating compelling, personalized experiences at scale.”
ShemarooVerse has always been at the forefront of digital entertainment, and GMetri’s advanced AI platform, will be instrumental in developing these interactive games, offering a seamless blend of storytelling and gameplay. This partnership is set to redefine fan engagement, allowing them to dive deeper into the worlds of their beloved characters and stories. As ShemarooVerse continues to evolve, this collaboration underscores its commitment to innovation and enhancing the digital entertainment landscape, while also highlighting GMetri’s ability to rapidly deploy immersive, AI-generated content across various industries.
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