Airtel Testing 5G With Nokia

India’s second largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel has picked Finland headquartered telecom vendor Nokia to test a fronthaul solution for 4G, 5G and enterprise services via a common platform.

The trial is being cited as Bharti Airtel’s strategy to revamp its existing network to make it future ready and meet the surging demand for bandwidth in India.

“The upgrade of the transport network is also essential to cater to the booming consumption of mobile broadband services and enable world-class digital services,” said Randeep Sekhon, Chief Technological Officer at Bharti Airtel.

Nokia comments that the solution under trial can significantly improve the performance of Airtel’s current network as it gears up to be 5G network ready and meet future demands.

The solution enables telecom operators to answer the growing bandwidth demands and roll out 5G services.

Fronthaul comes as the link connecting baseband unit and radio, and upgradation of this part of the transport network is pivotal to offer high speed 5G services.

‘’The modernisation of the transport infrastructure is crucial for ensuring the ultra-high speed and extremely low latency, promised by 5G,’’ said Sanjay Malik, head of India market at Nokia.

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