Huawei predicts India To Be The Second Largest 5G Market In A Decade

Chinese telecom vendor, Huawei has claimed that India holds the potential to emerge as the second largest 5G market after China in the coming 10 years.

“We know India is an important emerging market. From the long term perspective, I personally believe that the Indian 5G market will be a huge market and will be second only to China,” said James Wu, president, Southern -East Asia region at Huawei Technologies.

The senior executive said that Hong Kong will be the first region to roll out 5G services in the South Asian region.

“Thailand, India and Vietnam will, follow Hong Kong and launch 5G,” added Wu.

Huawei also adds that it is in collaboration with Indian telecom operators in testing the technology. The company is also expected to have 5G field trials in the second half of the ongoing year.

The company along with its telecom operator partners is awaiting approval for spectrum allotment.

‘’It said it is ready to talk to all stakeholders in India and engage with them through extensive consultations to allay any security-related concerns. It is said that the investments in the country will continue to grow as part of the long-term strategy for the “strategically important market.” “India market is challenging and unique, but it is very important to market for Huawei. India has a large population and huge telecom demand. Indian government’ push on 5G will help economic performance… Huawei has a long-term strategy in India…our investment will continue to grow,” said Wu.

“Our local teams are having detailed dialogues and have a communications plan for the India market. Up till now, we haven’t received any concerns from the India government. Cybersecurity is a technical issue. From the technical perspective 5G will be more secure than 4G,” added Wu.

Recently US asked its allied countries including Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand to stop procuring 5G equipment from Huawei.




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