Altnix Implements Nagios Based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for Axis Bank


ltnix announced today that it has successfully implemented an IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution based on Nagios products for Axis Bank. With this solution, Axis Bank has been able to save millions of dollars in total cost of ownership compared to traditional enterprise-class proprietary IT monitoring products.

Banks, Financial Services and Insurance sector companies have very strong dependencies on IT infrastructure in delivering services such as core banking, online banking, mobile banking, and securities trading services. Failures and downtimes on IT infrastructure lead to direct business loss for these companies. A proactive monitoring solution that predicts such failures before they occur is critical in operational efficiencies.

“In this age of internet of things bottlenecks in IT infrastructure has a direct impact on the bottom line of a BFSI organization”, said Razak Mohammad Ali, Director, at Altnix. “Without an effective monitoring tool, BFSI companies don’t have insight into the cause of such bottlenecks. Further, without such insight, the CTO of such companies would not be able to design effective remediation strategies.”

The Monitoring solution from Altnix covered the entire range of IT infrastructure including Servers, Applications, Network Devices, Storage Devices, Data Centre Infrastructure, and Branch Office Link monitoring.

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