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“Woman In Metaverse” Becomes The First NFT Collection By Any Digital Magazine – Shruti, the Indian Founder Draws The Curtain

“Woman In Metaverse” Becomes The First NFT Collection By Any Digital Magazine – Shruti, the Indian Founder Draws The Curtain.

We have got Shruti Sood onboard today to discuss more on it. Shruti is the Founder of Morning Lazziness, an internationally acclaimed digital magazine dedicated to women. The magazine aims to cover stories and write-ups that revolve around sensitive matters concerning women. We found her a woman of great morale and leadership values that she attempts to deliver through her contributions to the women readers of Morning Lazziness.

Recently, they have launched their NFTs collection “Woman In Metaverse” and become the first digital magazine to launch their NFTs.

Morning Lazziness is the first digital magazine to release the “Woman In Metaverse ” NFT Collection. It consists of a network of meta characters who smile notwithstanding the mood, scenario, and workspace in which they find themselves. The meta identities actually embody the attitude that women need to stay strong and courageous throughout their lives. This digital magazine strives to portray the theme of women’s empowerment through this metaverse project.

According to Shruti, “NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, which hold a huge value for the future. The world is moving to web 3.0, and technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, Metaverse are already starting to dominate. When we talk about Non-Fungible Tokens, you can consider these tokens as an entry token to Web 3.0. These NFTs can be used for several purposes like ticketing, artwork tracking, intellectual properties & patents, metaverse identity, social media avatars, records verification, and more.“

Talking more about Morning Lazziness and Woman in Metaverse, she further added, “We are creating a space where the individuality of every woman will be valued. We wanted to see smiles on each face, life is too short to not be happy. This could be probably the best face of women’s empowerment if we focus on the micro-level rather than the macro level.

At Morning Lazziness, we create solutions to the real problem that an individual woman is seeking, through articles, interviews, quotes & stories of other successful women leaders. And our NFTs collection “Woman In Metaverse” clearly reflects the same vision we are working on.”

Stay Happy and Spread Smile is the mantra ‘Woman In Metaverse’ (WiM) conveys through each metacharacter.

Morning Lazziness has generated unique AI-based avatars for you all, that suit your mood, style, culture, ethnicity, and more. These collections can be your meta identity as well in the immersive digital experience. Becoming a token holder will guarantee you various rewards and benefits.

A customized meta identity will reveal your vibrant avatar and elevate your social profiles to new heights. Apart from these, a lot of more possibilities are there associated with these limited edition NFTs which can be clearly seen in the roadmap of WiM.

Similar to their roadmap, the launch of WiM is also planned perfectly. Shruti unveiled the fact behind it, “March is a month dedicated to women celebrating women’s day and birthdays of many inspiring female personalities and therefore Morning Lazziness has rightly chosen a perfect time of the year 2022 to launch their NFT collection featuring ‘Woman In Metaverse’ in the digital space.”

Woman In Metaverse” (WiM), the first female-themed NFT project, which majorly focuses on woman’s individuality & happiness is live & ready to be minted on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea.

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