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Judge India & Automation Anywhere enter strategic partnership to build advanced productivity-boosting solutions for industries

The Judge Group India, a leading provider of IT, Learning, E-Governance, and Staffing solutions, announced its partnership with Automation Anywhere, an industry leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This move will add advanced RPA and AI capabilities to Judge India’s arsenal of solutions. The partnership aligns the visions of both organizations in a common direction.

“Robotics is becoming an exciting capability in our solution-suite and will not only help clients further digitize their business operations but also aid them in transitioning from a staff-based workforce to a digital workforce,” said Abhishek Agarwal, President – Judge India – Global Delivery at The Judge Group.

“We are continuing to invest significantly in our advanced automation and robotics capabilities. The partnership with Automation Anywhere combines its global enterprise-grade strength with our industry expertise to enhance the value we bring to our clients. This will also help our clients reap the benefits of automation as we provide trusted support throughout their digital transformation journey,” he further added.

Through the strategic alliance, Judge India aims to create a workplace ecosystem wherein a physical workforce will coexist with automation tools. This will significantly enhance the productivity of the business processes. The automated repetitive tasks will significantly free up human capital and lead to more effective use of resources. This unique idea of having a symbiotic relationship between the human and digital workforces is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

The RPA Center of Excellence, the recent launch of which marked a significant milestone in the maturity of Judge India’s automation offerings, is now better equipped with greater offerings through this strategic partnership, according to Agarwal.

Judge India’s partnership with Automation Anywhere will add transformational capabilities to our growing repository of RPA and AI Practice solutions. The non-intrusive platform created by Automation Anywhere will not only provide invaluable support to the staffed workforce but also make it easy to integrate into the clients’ existing systems and foster outcome-based engagement models. This would enable the creation of better customized industry-specific solutions.

RPA is playing a crucial role in business processes by facilitating the automation of manual, repetitive tasks by increasing process efficiency as well as the speed with near-zero error rates without changing the underlying IT infrastructure.

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