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PayU Innovates with SDK Releases for Frictionless Digital Payments Across Devices


In an era where the country’s fintech and startup landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, PayU, India’s leading online payment solutions provider, is leading the way with its three groundbreaking mobile app Software Development Kits (SDKs). These innovations are designed to address the critical need for seamless payment experiences on mobile devices, improving transaction success rates by upto 5-6% in a market that’s marked by skyrocketing digital payment adoption led by one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration.

PayU’s latest SDK releases exemplify the company’s commitment to product and tech excellence across devices & platforms. These SDKs are engineered to simplify the payment process, reduce checkout steps, and elevate transaction success rates across a range of payment methods.

  • Native Payment Experience on 3DS 2.0: PayU is proud to be the first in the industry to launch a seamless Native OTP experience for card transactions through an EMVCo certified SDK. This solution guarantees 100% coverage across all issuers and cards, while ensuring compliance with global security standards.
  • UPI BOLT: PayU and Axis Bank’s pioneering solution revolutionizes UPI payments. Built on NPCI’s robust UPI Plug In SDK infrastructure, it empowers merchants to integrate PayU’s UPI BOLT SDK with minimal changes, providing a simplified and efficient payment experience. This solution will greatly improve end-to-end SR, eliminating any third-party redirection and streamlining accounts and balances for users. This would help in enhancing the overall customer experience and help in greatly reducing cart abandonment & customer drop-offs.
  • One-Click Net Banking: PayU’s collaboration with MinkasuPay introduces a game-changing biometric solution that redefines net banking. By removing the need for usernames, passwords, and OTPs, this partnership streamlines the customer journey within merchant apps, compressing a complex 30-step process into a seamless one-click experience. Customers of PayU’s partner banks can effortlessly use their fingerprint or Face ID for payments, with the added option of a secure PayPIN. This helps improve improve transaction success rates by 10-15% across supported banks.

Manas Mishra, CPO – PayU said, “In a country where over 72% of transactions are projected to be digital by 2025, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt to the changing payment landscape. Our cutting-edge SDKs are designed to capture this immense potential by solving for three of the most popular payment methods – Cards, UPI & Net Banking. With these innovations, and strong ecosystem partners like NPCI & Axis Bank, we’re paving the way for businesses to seize the opportunity presented by India’s booming digital economy.”

These innovative SDKs come at a time when businesses strive to boost conversions by simplifying the payment process and offering a frictionless experience to customers across devices & platforms. PayU’s latest developments are set to make online transactions more accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone.

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