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Staqu collaborates with UP Police to Launch AI-Powered platform

Staqu Technologies, is taking law enforcement to new cutting-edge heights with the launch of its latest AI-powered offering, Crime GPT. This tool is a result of the company’s ongoing collaboration with the UP Government and Special Task Force in strengthening and expanding the horizons of the region’s security landscape.
Commenting on this development, Atul Rai, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Staqu Technologies said “Our longstanding vision revolves around a robust security infrastructure propelled by advanced technology, and Crime GPT perfectly aligns with this vision. By interfacing with a digitized criminal database, Crime GPT facilitates tailored searches for law enforcement seeking precise details on targeted individuals, utilizing both written and audio inputs. This is an extension of our work on the Trinetra which has been adopted by UP police department and deployed through integration with security cameras. We are proud to work with homeland security and we hope to keep strengthening our collaborative relation with UP government all in service of fortifying the security landscape.”
Crime GPT utilizes this criminal database and delivers results based on written and audio inputs. For example, if any information is needed regarding the number of felonies committed by a criminal within the last two years, the query is input in written form or as a voice message. The tool immediately accesses the database and delivers the desired results. It comes with features such as facial recognition, speaker identification, voice recognition, and criminal gang analysis among others.
Crime GPT is an extension of Staqu’s pioneering Trinetra application. Trinetra utilizes facial recognition and audio cues to detect, monitor and maintain a criminal’s trail, making it easier to track and apprehend the criminal. With collaboration with the UP police department, Staqu had previously built a digitized database of more than 9,00,000 criminals, becoming the first Indian company to achieve this in the process.
Prashant Kumar, Director General of Police (DGP), Uttar Pradesh Police, during the reveal of Crime GPT stated that, “we have witnessed a huge impact since last few years through the implementation of Trinetra project in parts of UP districts. This has not only helped us in increasing security for the public but also helped us in maintaining law and order by keeping us alert in real time. However, we have also laid the groundwork for transitioning towards a digitized way of governance for our law enforcement agencies. Crime GPT, based on a secure AI platform, will help in faster retrieval of information, thereby helping in the ongoing investigations of criminal cases and help smoothing the necessary processes and formalities. It will help to collate data across various law enforcement centres helping in faster resolution” 
In the security segment, Staqu’s clientele includes 9 state departments including the UP Police Department (Special Task Force). Crime GPT is the latest project by Staqu Technologies in the AI-enabled audio-video analytics division that enables authorities to bolster security through advanced monitoring of criminals.
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