Tech, E-Commerce, FinTech, IT, Manufacturing Offering Highest Pay Packages

E-Commerce, Technology, Fintech, Consumer, IT and Manufacturing are the sectors offering a handsome hike of 30-40 per cent for skilled talents as per recruitment firms.

While cloud architects, cybersecurity experts, data scientists, blockchain professionals,  AI experts, CFOs and general counsels are most in demand.

While those who are not in any of these sectors are receiving a12-20 per cent hike. 

“This year, the increase in hiring is fuelled by startups, fintech, newly funded consumer internet firms and IT captives,” as per Kamal Karanth, co-founder of specialist staffing firm Xpheno.

He further claims that in IT, roles including full-stack developers, cybersecurity, cloud architects and data scientists are receiving hikes in the 30-50 per cent range. While in the consumer internet segment, product managers, growth hackers are receiving a hike of 30 per cent when switching jobs.

“The hikes on job switches are much more at the middle manager level, which are professionals in the 4-10 years’ experience bracket,” says Aditya Narayan Mishra, director at CIEL HR Services, said.

As per him, sectors which are offering the maximum hikes for job changes include consumer and services, IT, outsourcing offering about 20-30 per cent more hike as compared to other sectors owing to socioeconomic factors.

‘’Talent availability is a major are of concern for companies leading to increasing in compensation. Average hike at the middle manager level is 15-30% and could go up to 50%. These are for roles such as project manager, customer services manager, operations manager, supply chain and delivery managers. While the overall hike on job switch is likely to be around 10-20 per cent, for specialised skills it can be upwards of 25 per cent, says B Thammaiah, managing director at Kelly Services, India.

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