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Travelxp and Haptik Unveil Game-Changing Instagram Chatbot for Travelers

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The post-2020 world has left many with a burning desire to travel and explore new places. As potential travelers eagerly plan their next escapade, the process of booking hotels and accommodation, and planning their travel end-to-end, can feel overwhelming. This prompts travelers to reach out to travel companies in need of personalized travel planning and experience. Recognizing this need, Travelxp, World’s leading source of travel and lifestyle content, has partnered with Haptik, a conversational commerce platform, to introduce an innovative solution.

The influence of Instagram on people’s choice of travel destinations and the duration of their trips is growing. Instagram’s visual nature, hashtags, and explore options not only inspire wanderlust in travelers but also allow brands like AllAboutStays to reach aspiring travelers, collect leads, drive conversions, and re-engage with customers. Targeting such audiences, AllAboutStays now reaches over 3 million users every month, and stands at a follower number of almost 50,000.

The Travelxp Instagram chatbot, available 24/7, responds to travelers’ queries in real-time, providing invaluable assistance with travel planning, accommodation options, budgeting advice, and more. With an impressive end-to-end conversation rate of 90% and a bot-break percentage of just 5%, the chatbot has quickly become the go-to resource for travelers seeking the perfect destination.

Setting the Travelxp Instagram chatbot apart is its unique ability to display real-time property prices. This feature not only enhances lead qualification but also enables travelers to make quicker decisions, resulting in increased conversions and user engagement with the bot. As a result, the chatbot has successfully generated more than 1500 leads every month.

One of the challenges faced by the team was the use of Instagram-specific language by users interacting with the bot, such as “PP”, “Is it Pet Friendly” to indicate pricing inquiries. To address this, the team implemented an FAQ node specifically catering to this issue and seamlessly redirects users to the main flow that generates an inquiry.

“We are thrilled to partner with Travelxp to bring conversational commerce to the travel industry, providing a personalized and intuitive experience to users,” said Aakrit Vaish, CEO at Haptik. “Our chatbot solution on Instagram will help travelers discover and plan their trips with ease, delivering customized recommendations and real-time responses.”

Travelxp’s AllAboutStays Instagram chatbot is a game-changer for the travel industry, offering users personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs and preferences. In the last three months alone, the query completion rate has witnessed a remarkable 10x increase.

The partnership between Travelxp and Haptik combines Travelxp’s travel industry expertise with

Haptik’s conversational expertise, delivering an innovative and engaging user experience. The next time you plan your dream vacation, turn to the Travelxp Instagram chatbot for expert recommendations and advice.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have brought the Travelxp Instagram chatbot to life, infusing boundless energy into the way travelers connect with our brand. With its personalized recommendations, lightning-fast responses, and an exhilarating user experience, we have unleashed a powerful resource that fuels the wanderlust of travelers, igniting their passion to explore the world like never before!” Said, Sharath Mohanan, Growth Head at Travelxp.

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